The current world

Captive space

Since the digital age the competition for attention, brand recognition, relevance and awareness only gets tougher. We live in a constant stream of content, vying for our attention and interaction.

To find or even buy a moment of relative exclusivity has become nearly impossible on any given platform, as even the use of a personal device prohibits that per design.

In-flight Magazines

To say “the age of print is over” is not a disruptive nor revolutionary statement anymore. In comparison to any form of digital advertising print is

  • not captivating
  • less energy ecological
  • less measurable
  • less agile
  • Pandemic showed the magazines vulnerability to hygiene factors

Own Device Streaming

An onboard, own device- streaming service certainly overcomes many of the in-flight magazines shortcomings. But also shares some of its limitations

  • It is still not captive space – passengers have own content
  • no clear passenger incentives or ‘wants’ to connect to streaming service
  • the passenger will only become subject to onboard advertising and gainable benefits after an onboarding process into the network.
  • the streaming service creates content costs for the Airline
  • the self branding opportunities for the airline are a lot less.

Low cost air travel eco-system problems

Low cost airlines

Full flight network under marketed

Under marketed social media

Ancillary revenue needs

Un-used in-flight dwell time


Limited vacation time which is valuable

Spend conscious

Pent up need to explore


One magazine for all destinations

Spray-and-pray advertising

Tear-out coupons

Generic attractions

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  • Generic transport providers
  • Generic activities
  • Generic restaurants & bars
  • Generic accommodation

Our new world

Low cost airlines

Promote full flight network

Promote social media content

Accelerate ancillary revenue

Maximise in-flight dwell time


Vacation time maximised with inflight trip planning 

Discover money saving offers inflight for current destination

Immersive discovery of more airline destinations


Immersive & engaging captive video content

Conversion funnel marketing before landing

In-fight digital scannable QR coupon marketing

Destination specific attractions & promos

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  • Destination transport promos
  • Destination activities & experience offers
  • Destination restaurant & bar coupons
  • Destination accommodation discounts

Our platform

Our vision to completely re-imagine low-cost airline in-flight m-commerce. With our digital eco-system we 10X the current capacity and touch-points of conventional transport advertising, all at a very accessible price point.

We are uniquely positioned for accelerated recovery & growth of short regional city & beach escapes, where travel infrastructure investments globally are being made to adopt the new advent of ‘touch-less travel’. 

Our mission is to save people time & money when planning what to do and buy when they arrive at their destination. We do that by maximising inspiration and discovery during that crucial last-mile carrier journey. Through displaying immersive destination specific & money saving experiences, we want our travel community to spend less time searching and more time enjoying authentic local adventures.

The benefits

  • engages the customer and builds community in all languages
  • vastly improves their destination discovery experience 
  • supports ancillary sales in a contemporary way
  • benefits all stakeholders in the travel value stream (airlines, airports, retail, mobility & tourism)
  • tech-light system first of type
  • has an enormous tech and data development potential
  • creates the opportunity for airlines and destination marketers to enhance their own brands on an unseen level 

Curious how we will make a dent in the universe?

Click the link to organise a demo with us of our inflight ecosystem.