Welcome to the future
of air-travel advertising

Together, let’s revolutionize in-cabin banners
and tell great stories in a captive space.

Since the start of the pandemic, airlines not only struggle with a shrinking margin, but have lost a big part of what was earned in the years before: After a 5 year period in which an average margin of 8 Dollars/passenger was earned, the industry averages at a 71,7 loss per passenger in 2020.

So, the industry faces the very real and immediate challenge of not only reaching pre pandemic levels of income but making up for a lot of loss. Our product will support airlines in achieving that goal.

Cabanner is a groundbreaking tech- and advertainment platform that elevates low cost travel for all stakeholders and, in time, will generate a revolutionary ecosystem.

  • Engages the customer 
  • Vastly improves his travel experience 
  • Supports ancillary sales in a contemporary way
  • Benefits all stakeholders (generates revenue for the airline, informs the traveler and gives him/her access to valuable benefits)
  • Has an enormous development potential as well community wise as technical
  • Creates the opportunity for airlines to enhance their own brand on an unseen level. 
  • Weighs less than an inflight magazine

Curious how we will change the industry?

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