Press Release

23 May 2024

Braathens Regional COO Fredrik Matseng & Oladi Olukolu

Cabanner Co-Founders Anthony Soo and Oladi Olukolu
Installation Airbus narrow body aircraft


Zurich, Switzerland – Cabanner and Braathens Regional Airlines today announce their partnership,signaling the beginning of a new kind of in-flight m-commerce for regional air travel.

Braathens Regional Airlines, an early-adopter of the Cabanner System, stands to benefit from ancillary revenue generation, reduced cost of in-flight advertising, and take further steps toward their sustainability goals. Cabanner is thrilled to launch with such an ecological pioneer and gets the Cabanner System flying on regular passenger routes.

Cabanner’s system, which is patented and holds FAA and EASA certifications, includes seats with integrated screens to display information, advertisement, and incentives to passengers, essentially creating an electronic billboard in the sky.

Cabanner Co-Founders Anthony Soo and Oladi Olukolu:
“This is about making the world a smaller and more accessible place by inspiring the next journey, regardless of the flight ticket price, and all this with a reduced carbon footprint.”

Braathens Regional Airlines COO Fredrik Matseng:
“We believe that the interactive nature of Cabanner’s system will bring added value and an enhanced experience for our passengers, and engagement throughout the flight.”

About Cabanner:

Zurich-based Cabanner is a digital ecosystem provider for informing and marketing to passengers on low-cost carriers and regional flights of four hours or less. Their mission is bold, yet elegant: Save time and money for passengers when they reach their destination by connecting them with knowledge and offers awaiting them, offer advertisers a more flexible and measurable choice with greater ability to measure results and provide a means for airlines to generate ancillary revenue. And these aims are accomplished without the costs and ecological consequences of paper ads. Innovative passenger communications… let’s tell it better together.